Our Mortgage BPO Process

Mortgage industry is very competitive – finding potential customers, checking their credit scores, credit reports, credit eligibility and credit re-scoring can be both challenging and time-consuming. It’s extremely tiresome to be on your toes all through to stay ahead of competitors, and is nice to find a partner who can effortlessly take care of your mortgage needs. Outsource2india is one such outsourcing service provider which offers wide range of services including mortgage lead generation, mortgage loan processing support, loan acquisition, mortgage pre-qualification, pre-processing support,municipal lien search,tax search,mortgage closing support, post-closing support, appraisal quality control, underwriting support,broken price opinion,flood insurance,flood zone determination as well as services for title search companies.

Services we offer in Mortgage

Title Search

Based on the specific needs of the buyer and the lending company, we can search and order titles based on area, county, or city. The title search, however, can be executed by the company itself, following which we can order the title. Working with loan officers, we can coordinate with title companies to obtain a detailed report of the title. Through constant follow-ups, we acquire an accurate and exhaustive title report.

Municipal lien search

Municipal lien is a lien by a municipal corporation against a property owner for the owner’s proportional share of a public improvement that specifically and individually benefits the owner. Lien is a charge upon property for the payment or discharge of a debt or duty.

Property appraisals

One of the important aspects of mortgage loan processing is determining the fair market value and appreciation rate of the collateral property involved in the mortgage. Improper assessment can lead to undervaluation or overvaluation of the subject property. When your company is dealing with multiple, often time-sensitive mortgage applications, it becomes necessary to streamline this step of the mortgage process.

Flood zone determination

Whether you’re processing a first position loan or a second refinance, our complete line of origination products keeps the process moving smoothly. Our Flood Zone Determination Services help you maintain compliance with federal regulations while mitigating your flood risk.


 Pre-underwriting not only allows them to put a mortgage application through a more thorough initial validating process, but perform most of the important functional due-diligences even before the initial contract is up.

Tax search

Pravip Tchnologies extend into the Tax space. Our team is skilled at meticulously locating and populating property’s unique tax identification and tax information into client’s system, Excel, Word Document & Note Pad to generate Tax Certificate. We have the tools and expertise to handle Different Tax Products from Regular Refinance Product, to Water & Sewer Product, and all the way to Purchase Product.

Broker price opinion

A broker’s price opinion is the process used by a hired sales agent to determine the potential selling price or estimated value of a real estate property. A BPO is popularly used in situations where a financial institution believes the expense and delay of an appraisal is unnecessary.

Property insurance

Property insurancepolicies can cover minor incidents including a leaking roof and faulty plumbing; and, catastrophic damage, as from a storm. Homeowners insurance is sometimes mixed up with Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI),which is a specific insurance type generally reserved for homeowners making a downpayment of less than 20 percent.

Flood insurance

Flood-related damage can be expensive — that’s why flood insurance is important. Flood insurance is required for any home located in a Special Flood  Area. The Pravip Technologies determines where the Special Flood Hazard Areas are. Then, we find out if your property is in one. If it is, we’ll let you know so you can purchase a flood insurance policy.


The check list is a quick step in preparing you for the big day. It begins with purchasing homeowner’s insurance set to go into effect the day you move in to your new home. Then request your bank cut a cashier’s check to cover the down payment on the property as well as any additional closing costs requested by the lender’s attorney.

By Partnering with Us, You Get Following Benefits

  • Experienced and skilled team of data entry analysts
  • Cost savings up to 35-40%
  • State-of-the-art facilities and latest technology
  • Manage your team easily and effectively
  • High levels of security at the hardware/software level
  • Daily, weekly or fortnightly reports, depending on your choice
  • 24/7 customer support and services
  • Ability to handle large volumes efficiently
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